Zoom AI Notetaker Policy

  • Chief recognizes the significance of technological advancements, including AI-driven solutions, in enhancing productivity and accessibility for our members. However, the policy below outlines confidentiality and safety concerns for spaces in the Chief community such as Core and Identity-based Community Conversations to safeguard sensitive information and our commitment to confidentiality.

    Chief hosts virtual conversations through our Chief-owned Zoom account but notetaker services are activated by the attendee. Notetaker services include but are not limited to Zoom AI Notetaker bots, a range of artificial recording methods and similar technologies. Because of this, Chief does not:

    • have control or access to the data these services are collecting, and cannot comply with data subject requests as required by some privacy regulations.
    • conduct reviews of these services to verify compliance or security measures.

    Moving forward, notetaker services are subject to the following policy:

    • AI Notetakers will not be allowed to join Core group meetings and Identity-based Community Conversations due to confidentiality. Recordings of Core meetings are already prohibited due to Core being a safe space which requires presence and participation. Guides will actively remove AI notetakers from these meetings unless it meets the exception criteria below.
    • AI Notetakers will not be allowed at Chief hosted virtual events, except where an exception is noted.
      • Zoom has prohibited these services from joining events hosted with their Webinar product.
    • Member hosted virtual events are encouraged to remove AI notetakers from their events if an attendee does not consent to being recorded.

    Exceptions to this policy:

    Accessibility: We welcome the use of assistive technologies and notetakers for people who require accommodations to fully participate in the experience. Please let us know at [email protected] if you require the use of assistive technology at any Chief virtual event.