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Included In Your Membership

As a Chief Member, you get access to a vetted network of senior executive women, customized services, and all of our community experiences, including in-person and virtual gatherings and bespoke networking events. Additionally, our Concierge team is always on hand to connect you with the most relevant Chief resources at any point in your membership.

Executive Advisory

With Executive Advisory membership, leaders meet every ~5 weeks with a thoughtfully curated group of 8–12 of their true professional peers and a top-tier facilitator. It's a distinctive environment where they can tap into the collective wisdom of the group by learning from each other's experiences.

Executive Coaching

With Executive Coaching membership, leaders receive goal-based, one-on-one guidance from an ICF-accredited executive coach who matches their objectives and preferences. Each session is individualized, enabling members to directly address their most pressing needs and challenges on their own schedule.

Executive Education

With Executive Education membership, leaders can sharpen foundational competencies in business-critical areas through courses led by world-renowned business academics. Members walk away with practical tools and frameworks they can implement with their teams and across their business immediately.

Employee Sponsorship

Nearly half of Chief Members receive sponsorship from their employers — the bottom line is that companies invest in themselves by investing in you. We’re happy to share advice for starting a conversation with your employer.

Grant Program

Chief’s Grant Program was developed to reduce the financial barrier to membership for executives who have historically faced identity-based inequity and those employed in the nonprofit sector. Members may apply for a grant on an annual basis. Learn more about our grants here.

Benefits of Membership

  • The business landscape is changing rapidly, and so are the demands of senior leadership. Chief offers executive development, thought-provoking events, and powerful connections to make you a stronger leader.

  • Connect With Your True Peers

    Join a curated network of women who are pushing their organizations to new heights, making connections across industries, locations, and common goals.

  • Gain Inspiration and Advice to Think Bigger

    Surround yourself with accomplished leaders, crowdsourcing knowledge and insights to help you overcome your biggest obstacles, challenge conventional wisdom, and embrace bold new ideas.

  • Access Valuable, Of-the-Moment Insights, Conversations, & Workshops

    Chief’s cutting-edge programs are designed for senior leaders, featuring high-powered executives, world-renowned academics, and cultural icons. Past guests include Mellody Hobson, Sara Blakely, Indra Nooyi, Adam Grant, and more.

  • Meet & Network at Elevated Clubhouses

    In-person connections are invaluable — especially today. Our Clubhouses provide exclusive space where you can connect with other Chief Members, take meetings, host clients and team offsites, or simply enjoy a cocktail. We have Clubhouses in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Learn More.

About Our Selection Process

  • Chief's application process includes an application review, followed by a membership consultation call if qualified. All candidates are evaluated based on seniority, background, accomplishment, and potential contribution to our community’s diversity. Learn more about membership criteria.

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