The Chief Member Experience

All of Chief’s services — from Core, to community, to events — are designed to strengthen members’ leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to bring others with them to the top.

Personal & Professional Transformation

As a leader, it’s hard to find a place where you can get honest feedback, share real experiences, and gain perspective. Together, Core Group members help one another through confidential challenges and life-changing career breakthroughs.

    A Personal Board of Advisors - In Core, you’ll be matched with a hyper-curated group of powerful executives — 8–12 true peers there to offer support and advice.

    Executive-Level Mindset Shifts - Answer hard questions, uncover weak spots, and hone your leadership acumen in a space that values candor over subtlety.

    Highly Experienced Coaches as Guides - Core Guides foster connection and self-discovery among group members while helping individuals accelerate their journey as a leader.

Meaningful, Multidimensional Connections

Tap into the collective knowledge and support of thousands of women who understand your challenges. Chief’s member-exclusive platform lets you cultivate purposeful relationships and grow your network of executive women locally and across the country.

    An Always-On Forum of Executives - Instantly access the crowdsourced advice of thousands of senior leaders on negotiating, getting on a board, work-life balance, financial planning, and more.

    Influential Introductions - Search for peers via role, industry, location, and company, or expand your personal rolodex with Chief’s personalized member recommendations.

    Connect with other Chief Members over shared interests and identities, no matter where they live, or bring a group together for dinner in your neighborhood.

Tailored Insights for Leadership Mastery

Chief’s exclusive events offer self-paced learning opportunities to sharpen your executive skills. Explore curated thought leadership and tactical advice from business and cultural luminaries to add to your playbook.

    Attend roundtables that dig into timely topics having an outsized impact on executive leadership.

    On-Demand & Audio Content - As your needs and goals change, our multi-format learning materials allow you to sharpen your leadership skills exactly when you need them most.

    Executive-Level Workshops - Explore critical topics for keeping pace with a fast-changing business world. Deep-dive sessions cover DEI, negotiating, and succeeding on a board.

Exclusive Flagship Space with Chief+

Chief’s Flagships feature elevated lounge spaces in major business cities where you can connect with the local member community. Host clients, reserve private meeting rooms, enjoy cocktails, and attend gatherings in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and, soon, San Francisco. Learn more.

    Regular Gatherings - Attend one of our weekly cocktail hours, along with monthly viewing parties and networking breakfasts.

    High-End Meeting Spaces - Reserve private meeting rooms to host board meetings, team offsites, and interviews for a small fee.

    Coast-to-Coast Locations - Whether you live near a Flagship city or are traveling in the area, you get full access to our — soon-to-be — four clubhouses.

2023 Annual Fees

Chief+ membership is available for an additional $1000 annually.

We offer select grants for historically undersupported candidates and those whose employers have limited discretionary funding, such as nonprofit organizations or government entities.

About Our Selection Process

Our membership application process includes an application review, interview, and executive approval. All candidates are evaluated based on seniority, background, impact, and potential contribution to our community’s cognitive diversity.