External Communications Policy

  • Your privacy is extremely important to us. We take several steps to protect your personal information, including the ways in which Chief team members communicate with you.

    Chief team members will only communicate with you about topics related to your membership through the channels listed below or for reasons detailed in our Privacy Policy.

    Our official Chief channels include:

    • Messages or posts through the Chief digital platform and mobile app;
    • Email from a verified chief.com or chief.co.uk email address
      • Our main member support email address is [email protected]
      • We will only request payment for membership via an email from [email protected] and [email protected]. Payments are processed via the Chargebee platform. We may send you reminders about your account and payments via text message, however, you will never be asked to share payment information through these channels.
    • Phone calls and SMS text messages to facilitate with scheduling, account, and support issues;
      • All SMS text messages will identify themselves as associated with Chief and include an Opt Out message;
    • Chief LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/company/joinchief/

    Chief Social Media Policy:

    Chief team members may be present in external communication groups, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or groups on other platforms. Any opinions or statements made by these team members are their own and not those of Chief as a company. Chief will not participate in the moderation process or operations of any third party social media communication group.

    If you believe someone is impersonating a Chief employee on any platform, or require assistance in validating communication from Chief, please email details to [email protected]. We also strongly encourage removing and/or blocking any suspected impersonator from any platform where they are present and ensuring that their contact information is not saved in your contacts.

    Our Privacy Policy is located at https://chief.com/privacy.