Stayon topof your game.

The business landscape is changing rapidly. So are the demands of senior leadership. Chief offers executive development, thought-provoking events, and powerful connections to make you a stronger leader.

Executive Education

For the executive looking to strengthen their foundational leadership skills

Strengthen your key leadership competencies through live multi-part courses led by world-renowned academics.


of participants say they havemore impact as a leaderafter their Executive Education course

In our members' words

“The instructor was fantastic and provided very tangible, relevant actions that can be applied to immediately make an impact.”

Executive Advisory

For the executive looking for a personal board of advisors

Navigate leadership challenges alongside 8-12 hand-picked peers, tapping into your group’s accountability and collective wisdom.

In our members' words

“Core has been one of the bright spots for me of Chief—we talk about our Core Group as our personal board of advisors. It gives you confidence in your alignment, your focus, and your vision.”

Executive Coaching

For the executive looking for personalized leadership guidance

Tackle timely leadership challenges with personalized guidance from a vetted executive coach.


of members say Executive Coaching isvery or extremely valuable

In our members' words

“This opportunity has convinced me that all executives should have access to a coach.”

Acommunityof peers with personalized guidance.

Every member gains access to a vetted network and curated insights, tapping into expertise, wisdom, opportunities, and connections.

Community experiences

In-person and virtual gatherings

A digital platform

Annual one-day summits in major U.S. cities

Clubhouses in major business hubs

Concierge team

Personalized one-on-one onboarding

A team of dedicated advisors who understand your leadership goals

“Chief has been important in allowing me to maintainmy inspiration, my positivity, my abilityto center my own worth as a woman leader. The importance of Chief, particularly now, is really critical.”

Vignetta Charles, CEO, ETR

“Chief is a critical piece of how to stayon top of your game, and continue to grow and change in different work environments.”

Sara Diegnan, VP of Customer Experience, ChartHop

Membership criteria

Chief membership is designed for those who have senior leadership responsibility within their organization. We vet applicants for executive seniority to ensure our members can get support from true peers. We use a range of factors to determine if your seniority level qualifies, including:


Reporting structure


Size of team managed

Company size

Professional journey

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