Networking that drives business results

Empower your leadership team with access to the largest community of powerful women executives, unlocking new growth opportunities for your business.

Networking that drives business results

Join 80+ leading organizations that have partnered with Chief Enterprise.

Retain your women executives.

It’s lonely at the top. Your women executives stand to benefit by expanding their networks to peers who can provide connections and insights. Demonstrate your commitment and investment in your women leaders by providing them with a network of their peers.

Address challenges and access innovation.

The Chief network is comprised of diverse experts who can help your company discover new ways to get cost savings and provide resources to solve your leaders' business challenges. Hearing fresh perspectives and staying abreast of emerging trends allows your women leaders to enhance efficiency and proficiency in their role.

Grow business connections.

Women leaders gain access to global executives across industries and use their network to drive career success, which can translate into better opportunities for them and your organization.

Featured member benefits for your leaders


    The power of thousands women executives doing business with each other and engaging in local activities, in-person events, and Clubhouses provides access to insights and best practices that maximize each leader's potential.


    Tailored on-demand content featuring 200+ workshops on topics spanning DEI, Personal Leadership, Career Growth, Industry Trends & Business Tactics.


    Your women leaders are always doing the mentoring. The Chief community provides the opportunity for them to receive the benefits of coaching directly from peers in curated Core groups or one-on-one connections.

At Accenture, we foster a culture and a workplace where all our people can feel a sense of belonging, are respected, and are empowered to do their best work. We are committed to helping everyone thrive, which includes the advancement and representation of women. Collaboration with partners like Chief, facilitates meaningful connections for our executive women and provides an impactful way to engage our leaders.”

Yolanda Friend

“We are excited to empower and support women leaders from across UnitedHealth Group through Chief. One of our core DEI objectives is to increase the representation of women, and specifically women of color, at the most senior levels of leadership. The relationships built through Chief’s programming help our women employees excel at UnitedHealth Group, and advance the careers of their female peers around the globe.”

Joy Fitzgerald

Numerous studies have shown the advancement of women into senior leadership drives firm performance, profitability, and diversity.

We work with companies across all industries to develop tailored, cohort sponsorship for your women executives.