Community Guidelines

Last Updated: May 26, 2022

Chief’s mission is to change the face of leadership, and our community guidelines are grounded in our values (powerful, inclusive, real, curious, time travel). They inform the behaviors we expect members to embody and uphold and are part of our effort to create in-person and virtual environments that foster dignity, safety, and respect.


  1. We expect all members to treat the entire Chief community — including the Chief team, Chief Guides, and each other — with respect. We are here to support you and are looking out for you and our entire community.
  2. If you bring someone into this community — to a Flagship, meetup, or any event — we expect them to show respect to the entire Chief community as well.
  3. This is a vetted, confidential community built on trust and safety, therefore we do not condone:
    1. Soliciting other members for purposes beyond Chief or the intended use of a community group.
    2. Using, selling, or sharing members’ personal contact information for reasons other than why they were provided (e.g., you cannot add members’ emails to your personal listservs). We take data privacy very seriously and if you use, sell, or share members’ information beyond Chief, we reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately.
    3. Recording Core group meetings, Meetups, and other Chief interactions without consent from every party. In many cases, this is illegal, depending on your place of residence.
    4. Sharing information from private Chief forums outside of the network (e.g., postings, 1:1 messages, meetups, etc.). We encourage you to use your best judgment when sharing personal information with other members.
    5. Spamming the community. Please refrain from posting repeat content and/or multiple variations of content in order to get additional views.
    6. Posting repeatedly and engaging in overly self-promotional behavior.  Community groups are not marketing channels. We want to celebrate your successes and important milestones alongside that of all of our members, but please be mindful of how often and to what extent you are sharing your own accolades.
    7. Misrepresenting your affiliation with Chief. While we encourage you to share your Chief membership publicly, you are not an official representative of the Chief corporate team.
    8. Engaging in any hateful or illegal behavior, including harassment, discriminatory, derogatory, or racist behaviors, and use of any illicit drugs. We have a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior and the Chief team reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately.


The Chief community is a vetted network of accomplished executives, and our commitment to inclusivity and belonging means that we do not endorse or appoint any specific community group leaders. Organizers emerge organically based on their bandwidth, and we are here to support you in bringing the community together.

We strive to create a community where anyone can host a meetup, post in a group, and reach out to other members. You are all leaders and, with that in mind, we expect the following:

  • Refrain from establishing leadership hierarchy: There are no leaders among leaders at Chief.
  • If you don’t see the Community Group you’re looking for, you can submit a formal request for it to be created
  • Uphold Chief’s values and guidelines when posting, hosting a meetup, or connecting with other Chief Members.
  • Reach out to the Chief team before securing sponsorships and partnerships. Sponsorships happen at the Chief corporate level, and we don’t typically allow members to organize their own for meetups. That said, if you have a unique opportunity, please email [email protected].
  • Host meetups that are in the interest of the Chief community, not yourself (e.g., no self-promotional gatherings).

We reserve the right to revisit our leadership policy and guidelines at any time.


We ask all members to respect each others’ time and the effort they put into connecting. To that end, we expect you to:

  • Make a habit of checking your inbox when logging in to the Chief platform and responding to any messages in a timely manner.
  • If you can no longer attend a meetup, please remove your RSVP as soon as possible so that another member can take your place and the host can adjust their arrangements accordingly. Hosts are counting on your presence and participation, so please be courteous if your plans have changed.


Please email [email protected] to report any behavior that violates the guidelines outlined above.

At Chief, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any hateful or illegal behavior, including harassment, discriminatory, derogatory, or racist behaviors, and use of any illicit drugs, and we reserve the right to terminate your membership immediately for violations of this policy.

If we determine that our guidelines have been violated for any reason outside of hateful or illegal behavior, the Chief team will adhere to the following process:

  • We’ll reach out via email with an initial warning and a reminder of the guidelines we expect you to uphold.
  • Upon a second violation, we will schedule a meeting to review your violation and reiterate that any future violation may result in membership termination.
  • After a third violation, we reserve the right to terminate your membership.

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