Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Aspiration

  • Chief was created to maximize the leadership impact of women executives. We believe the diversity of our community makes us exponentially more impactful, and our vision is a future where one's race, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability or nationality is not a barrier to leadership.

    • The system isn't built equally for everyone, and we want our community to welcome executive leaders who have traditionally been underrepresented.

    • We will hold ourselves accountable to deliver on tangible actions that embed equity and inclusion throughout the entire Chief ecosystem.

    • We strive to become a place where all people are able to give their highest unique contribution to create a community of exceptional leaders.

Our Community

Our Goal

In addition to our executive leadership membership criteria, we strive to build a diverse community that serves multiple and intersecting identities. We welcome leaders who identify as a woman, transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming.

At launch, we set the goal to have 36% of the Chief community identify as a member of color. We based this on a study showing that only 18% of women at the VP level and above identified as part of communities of color (Source: McKinsey Women in the Workplace Report 2018).


This is a demographic breakdown of our community across race and ethnicity.

Additional data on representation within our community includes:

• 3.7% of Chief members identify as LGBTQIA+

• 70% of Chief members are parents

• The ages of our members span across 5 decades

Expanding Access to the Chief Membership

Since our launch in 2019, our grant program has provided greater access to Chief membership for diverse groups, nonprofit executives, and members in career transition. In 2022, we gave $5 million in grants.

Community Inclusivity

Our members hold identities where they'd like to connect and be in community. Our identity groups are grounded in a shared experience across race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, faith/spirituality, and military service. Facilitated identity-based meetups happen regularly for some of these groups to foster connections across these communities and create a confidential space for discussion, sharing, and listening.

DEI Programming

We consistently produce diversity and inclusion-focused workshops and conversations.

This applies both to the content these sessions cover and those who lead them. Among all Chief speakers in 2022, 74% identified as a person of color. Ongoing programming is announced monthly, and is available on demand to all Chief Members.

Thought Leadership

We publish hundreds of articles intended to redefine what power should look like in corporate America by highlighting the intersectional experience of leaders across their gender, race, and age.

Our editorial content provides executives with the knowledge and tools they need to create more inclusive workplaces, including how to pursue racial justice, enact corporate social responsibility, or create inclusionary policies.

By reporting on how to create corporate change through provocative leadership, our editorial aims to inspire executives to build a more equitable future for all.

Our Guidelines

Chief’s mission is to maximize the leadership impact of women executives, and our community guidelines are grounded in our values — powerful, inclusive, real, curious, time travel. They inform the behaviors we expect members to embody and uphold and are part of our effort to create in-person and virtual environments that foster dignity, safety, and respect.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any hateful or illegal behavior, including harassment, discriminatory, derogatory, or racist behaviors that threaten the sense of dignity, well-being, and safety of our members.

Impact Beyond Chief

  • Our vision for Impact is to bridge our network of executives with the potential leaders of the future. In 2022, we committed $1 million annually to nonprofits that align with our mission. We intentionally partner with organizations that center the most vulnerable and marginalized communities and who are doing significant work with an intersectional lens.


    We have focused on critical issues that align with our mission and where we feel Chief has a voice in the conversation. This is just the beginning of our journey and we will continue to leverage the power of our network to drive impact and share results.

    Some areas of our current focus:

    1. Giving Tuesday: At the end of 2022, we offered each member and all Chief team members funds to donate to an organization of their choosing through Global Giving. Together, we donated to over 360 global organizations, supporting more than 470 projects across 75 countries around the world.
    2. Reproductive Rights: We believe in women having power and agency, including over their bodies. Body sovereignty should be available to all so they can fully participate in the economy. It is even more critical to communities of color who already face existing barriers with access to care. To that end, we've donated $250,000 to organizations like the National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, Indigenous Women Rising, National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, and National Abortion Federation, to name a few.
    3. Girls and Young Leaders: The next generation of leaders are growing up right now. We believe it is our responsibility to leverage our network of leaders to invest in girls and young people to ensure that they can be what they see. This is why we partner with organizations including Raise The Barr, Girls Inc., and Girls with Impact, to name a few.


Our Team

  • Representation

    Since Chief was founded, we have been intentional about our leadership team representing the communities where we work and live. We believe it is imperative to have diverse perspectives at the decision-making table. Our team is our differentiator and strength. We are brought together by a shared belief in changing the face of leadership. Our team members' diverse lived experiences, knowledge, and perspectives bring an empathetic approach to help build and support the most powerful network of executives across the gender spectrum.

    Some specific call-outs:

    • Our leadership team is 90% women and 43% people of color

    • Our Board of Directors is 66% women and 33% people of color

  • Chief Collectives

    We’re building a culture where everyone is heard and everyone is valued. Our equitable culture is supported by our ERGs, which we call The Chief Collectives.

    Our Collectives include:

    API Collective, Black Collective, Early in Career Collective, First Gen Collective, Global Collective, Jewish Collective, Latinx Collective, LGBTQIA+ Collective, and Neurodiverse Collective.

    We were proud to be named a Diversity Hiring Leader by Canvas and strive to ensure Chief continues to be an inclusive and supportive place to work for all of our employees.