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Stacey Abrams

Author, voting rights activist, and CEO, Sage Works Productions, Inc.
on Leveraging Your Power

“Know what you want, know why you want it, and then know how you want to get there.”

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Ann Curry

Emmy award-winning journalist
on Lessons in Purpose and Perseverance

“Understanding your motivation and how it goes to who you are is a career-long, never-ending journey.”

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Kerry Washington

Emmy-award winning actress, director, producer and author
on Living Your Truth

“Every single person deserves to be the lead character in the story of their lives.”

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Sallie Krawcheck

Founder and CEO, Ellevest
on Leading Financial Innovation

“[Women] have been taught money is scarcity and [men] have been taught money is abundance. How do we change that mindset?”

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And Many More

  • Alexandra Carter, Columbia Law School Professor and Author of Ask For More
    Allyson Felix, President and Co-Founder, Saysh
    Gila Jones, Chief Operating Officer, Westbrook Inc.
    Gretchen Stroud, Senior Vice President, HR Consulting & DEI, Hilton
    Jessica Shea, VP of Wellness, Hilton
    Jim Kwik, Brain Coach and Author of Limitless
    Lidiane Jones, CEO, Slack
    Laura Maness, Global CEO, Grey
    Marianne Markowitz, President and CEO, First Women's Bank
    Dr. Marisa G. Franco, Psychologist and Author of Platonic
    Mercedes Abramo, Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Cartier International
    Nia Batts, Chief Operating Officer, Union Heritage
    Sophia Bush, Actress, Producer, and Activist

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