Sponsor your executive’s Chief membership.

When women thrive, so do their organizations. Chief is a private network designed for the most powerful women executives to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to bring others with them.

Explore the resources below to learn more about our services and the benefits of sponsoring your senior leader to join a network of their true professional peers.


Sponsor your executive’s Chief membership.

Sponsorship is an Investment in…

  • Your diverse senior leaders.

    Simply making it to the C-Suite isn’t enough — women leaders need professional and personal support in order to conquer the challenges they’ll face once they get there. Chief was built specifically so that your executives can network and seek advice among their true peers.

  • Your diverse senior leaders.

    Members take what they learn at Chief back to their companies — from practical leadership insights and cross-industry connections to in-demand skills and key hiring opportunities. The Chief network fosters the conversations and diversity of thought to take your success to new heights.

  • Your greater organization.

    We believe change starts at the top and has a ripple effect throughout organizations. With your investment, your diverse leaders have the tools to serve as mentors and advocates for other employees working their way up the leadership ladder.

What Executives Gain From Chief Membership

Chief is an always-on support network, providing connection, community, and actionable insights to members in a world of fast-changing challenges.

Personal & Professional Transformation

Members engage in one-on-one customized executive coaching with a vetted Chief Guide to achieve their biggest goals and make their biggest business decisions.

Meaningful, Multidimensional Connections

Chief Members can seek recommendations and advice from executives across industries through digital meetups, in-person gatherings, and in-app introductions.

Tailored Insights for Leadership Mastery

Chief’s exclusive programming combines the thought leadership of one-time executive conferences with self-paced, tactical workshops from leading academics for a holistic, pressure-tested playbook that's available live and on demand.

Exclusive Clubhouse Space With Chief+

Whether they live nearby or traveling for business, members can host clients, reserve private meeting rooms for team offsites, and connect with executives at Chief’s Clubhouses. Chief+ membership includes full access to elevated lounge spaces in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Learn more.

2023 Membership Fees


These fees reflect Chief membership that’s inclusive of personal executive coaching and Flagship access. If you're not interested in these additional services, please contact your membership manager for pricing information.

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