• Thank you for your interest in Chief.

    We founded Chief to connect and support women executives so they have a private and trusted community of leaders navigating similar business challenges. We designed our peer groups, speaker series, events, and community platform to serve senior leaders in organizations facing unprecedented corporate headwinds. The Chief community is vetted to ensure members have senior leadership responsibility within their organization. Leaders in the top positions of business are often asked to be a mentor and role model to others, but go without peer support for themselves. You can learn more about our updated membership criteria here.

    We’re reaching out today to better understand your professional experience. In your application, you noted that your current organization has fewer than 30 full-time employees. Our updated membership criteria requires that an applicant at an organization of this size must also meet one of the following attributes:

    1. Prior experience within the last two years that meets our membership criteria, OR
    2. Current business generated $2M or more in annual revenue, during the last fiscal year. Note: documentation may be requested.

    If you meet one or both of these criteria and would like to continue to the next stage of the process, please take a moment to share additional information using the form below so we can evaluate your candidacy.

    If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ page for more details on our application process, or email us at [email protected].

    We look forward to continuing the process with you.