Our Path Forward

Addressing Your Feedback From the Listening Sessions and Our Roadmap for Growth

  • Throughout March and April, we held 38 listening sessions with the 14 identity groups represented in our community as well as across several geographies to listen and learn about your member experience.

    Two distinct themes emerged from these sessions that have guided our path forward: Strengthening the Chief Member Experience and Deepening Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

    Outlined below are our five focus areas to address these themes. We will update this roadmap quarterly and continue to listen, learn, and evolve so that Chief is a place where every member feels seen, heard, and supported.

 Building More Meaningful In-Person Connections

  • Hired Community Managers in our biggest, non-Clubhouse markets to bring you a more robust and tailored calendar of in-person events. These community managers will also support members who want to host meetups in their city. We’ve onboarded local community managers in Atlanta, Boston, DC, and Miami, as well as an East Coast manager to cover smaller cities, with more support to follow across the Midwest and West Coast.
  • More In-Person Events in Clubhouse Cities, building on the weekly breakfasts, Power Seat viewing parties, and speed networking, with even more opportunities for both social connection and professional development.
  • Launch New, More Personalized Home Page with real-time location functionality to make it easier for you to find events that are most relevant and closest to you. You can also update your location when you travel to find Chief happenings on the go.
  • Expand ChiefX beyond our first-ever summit in Palm Springs this October (learn more here!) with options for greater participation, including activations in local markets across the U.S. and UK that are included in your membership.

 Enhancing Member Support

  • Introduce Revamped Onboarding Experience to include 1:1 outreach from our Member Experience team to help members learn about all aspects of the Chief community, understand how to navigate our services, and answer their questions.
  • Launch New Events Page where you can easily find and search for all upcoming and on-demand programming (workshops, Clubhouse events, and member-organized meetups) in one place.
  • Launch “Chief Marketplace,” a dedicated community group to share and find personal services provided by Chief Members so that solicitation is removed from other areas of our platform.
  • Improve Key Digital Functionality, in particular chat and notifications to lay the foundation for a more robust digital community experience.
  • Enhance Member Support to offer more proactive outreach in the moments that matter most. This includes getting you the critical information you need to make the most of your membership.

Q4 and beyond

 Focusing on Inclusion, Safety & Respect

  • Expanded Our Commitment to DEI to include more details on the demographics of our community, leadership team, Chief Guides, and Board of Directors; how we infuse DEI into our experience through programming, identity groups, and grant programs; and our $1 million commitment to support causes and organizations aligned with our mission.
  • Published Updated Community Guidelines, which will continue to evolve and provide clarity about how we’re managing non-inclusive behaviors and our hopes for our community.
  • Complete Trainings With Chief Guides on Inclusive Facilitation to help them facilitate community and connection across the differences, experiences, and identities represented in Core. This will be an ongoing training series.
  • Increase Support for Identity-Based Groups by hiring a senior manager of community inclusion to engage with identity-based communities and ensure their experiences and perspectives are reflected in the member experience.

 Providing More Clarity & Communication

  • Updated Our Application Process so we provide clear membership criteria outlining how we vet candidates, as well as more information on our process, including timelines and ways to connect with our team with questions or check on the status of an application.
  • Published FAQ with answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Drive Transparency Around Our Grant Program for ease of application and clarity around eligibility.
  • Update Nominations Process so you and anyone you nominate to Chief will have clarity on application status.

 Building Chief for the Future

  • Appointed Our First Chief Experience Officer, Sujean Lee, who will oversee and strengthen all aspects of your member experience.

  • Ongoing Evolution of the Chief Experience. Looking ahead, our roadmap includes 1) the next evolution of Core to create more agency, 2) more tailored experiences based on seniority and needs, and 3) better and more robust ways to connect through our app, including bringing the conversations happening on WhatsApp to the Chief platform.
Q4 and beyond