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The pandemic has brought about major changes to the way we work, including long-term hybrid workplaces and increased commitments to diversity and inclusion. But, when operating in a perma-remote or hybrid work environment, do DEI efforts fall short? And do individuals from marginalized communities feel more included or less included when working outside the office?

In the latest episode of "The New Rules of Business" by Chief, Co-Founder Carolyn Childers talks to author, speaker, and DEI consultant Minda Harts about the importance of ensuring racially diverse employees aren't left behind as leaders think about the future of work.

"A lot of Black and brown women experience those day-to-day microaggressions and macroaggressions. So [while] being at home, they weren't experiencing it as much because it was really about the work," Harts says, while pointing to a study that shows more than 50% of Black employees felt like they didn't belong at their company until they worked from home. "Now that we know this information, what do we need to be asking our Black women, or our brown women, or women who are over 50, or mothers or caretakers: What are the questions that we need to ask to make sure that they feel seen, heard, and supported returning back to [the office], whatever that might mean?"

Later in the episode, Harvard Business Professor Frances Frei and researcher Anne Morriss return to the podcast to talk to Carolyn and Lindsay about the benefits of remote work and how leaders can fairly measure performance to ensure all employees are accurately evaluated.

"Well, I can tell you that leadership has a choice and if leadership goes back to the 1950s version of 'facetime means promotion rate' regardless of competence, they'll lose all of their good people that aren't interested in facetime," says Frei. "Now more than ever, it's really important for us to give people credit for the outcomes and not give credit for a participation trophy of being in the office."

Listen to the latest episode of "The New Rules of Business" to learn more about how leaders and executives can maximize DEI efforts in a perma-remote or hybrid workplace.