Business as usual has gone out the window. And today, executives face nuanced challenges that may not always have a clear answer. Enter "The New Rules of Business," a new podcast that delves into some of the toughest leadership questions business leaders are grappling with today.

Hosted by Chief Co-Founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, "The New Rules of Business'' will feature dynamic conversations with world-renowned experts and executives on complex issues like: Is pursuing authenticity a trap? Should corporations stay out of social justice issues? And, how much does likeability factor into a leader’s success?

On each episode, Carolyn and Lindsay will dig deep into these topics with business leaders like fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, Harvard Business School Professor Frances Frei, bestselling author Minda Harts, ice cream founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, and MSNBC anchor and author Alicia Menendez.

While there are many layers that come with addressing these leadership challenges, "The New Rules of Business" podcast will offer unique advice, perspectives, and research from incredible guests that will help guide executives on how to better lead in a rapidly changing world.

Chief’s "The New Rules of Business" will be launching soon. Click here for the trailer and be sure to follow wherever you listen to your podcasts.