Running a business has never been more complicated. We have record inflation, a recession looming, and a market that’s painfully rightsizing; not to mention the socio-political battles that are raging both globally and in our homestates. Today’s business issues don't have straight-forward answers, but there are new rules to learn — and that’s where Chief’s podcast comes in.

Chief Co-Founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan are back with season two of “The New Rules of Business” — a podcast that delves into today’s most pressing leadership questions, often finding answers in the nuance.

In this new season, Childers and Kaplan dig into top-of-mind leadership topics such as how to lead in crisis after crisis, where to spot the newest forms of toxicity at work, the intricacies of code-switching to get ahead, and why now more than ever executives are being called to wade into uncharted socio-political waters.

They invite some of the brightest minds in business and academics, including award-winning Chief Content Officer-turned-SPAC owner Joanna Coles, New York Times bestselling author and producer of “Fair Play” Eve Rodsky, Fortune CEO Alan Murray, Cornell University Professor Courtney McCluney, former American Express CEO Ken Chenault, and more.

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