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Cindy Gallop Wants You to Bullshit Like the Men Do. "It doesn't matter how much you think you're bullshitting, because you will never, ever bullshit at the level that the men do. When you think you're bullshitting, you’re actually just doing yourself justice."

How to Manage Working Parents as They Lose Their Minds. "On a regular if not weekly basis, managers should have explicit conversations with their employees, asking questions like: What does your situation honestly look like this week? Do you have childcare? If not, what do you need for support from work?"

You Need More Dissenters in Your Network. "Relationships with diverse people give us novel information and unique perspectives. These are the raw ingredients of creativity – these inputs trigger new insights, ideas, and ways of thinking that ultimately mean we perform more highly."

The Sustainable, Enjoyable Solution to Burnout. "While there’s no “magic pill” for burnout, new research suggests one strategy can provide more sustainable (and affordable) relief than vacation, childcare, or wine: Learning something new."

For Generalists, a Time to Shine. "Contrary to their reputation for knowing "a little about a lot," most successful generalists actually know a lot about a lot. This breadth of experience makes generalists uniquely qualified to lead in "wicked" learning environments."

Executives Should Be Mentored by Their Entry-Level Employees. "The goals of reverse mentoring are multifaceted, including increasing the visibility for diverse emerging talent, retaining millennial and Gen Z employees, and perhaps at large, the survival of your business."

Strategic Mindset, the Sister of Growth Mindset, is Here to Stay. "Simply exhorting yourself to try harder could eventually become discouraging if you're doubling down on an unproductive strategy. A strategic mindset might motivate you to search for new strategies, consult with mentors, or seek out other experts."

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